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Entertainment film and television contracts, distribution, financing; LLC and securities; music; or production services questions welcome

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Entertainment Lawyer Services

Each entertainment lawyer at B&W provides lawyer services to entertainment clients in entertainment law matters including film and television contracts, distribution and financing, LLC, securities, and music. Serving as production lawyers and entertainment lawyers from our offices in Los Angeles - Century City, California, B&W handles entertainment law from idea to execution.

From negotiating complex entertainment deals to delivering sophisticated LLC and securities packages in all 50 states, each B&W entertainment lawyer manages the legal and business affairs of clients from idea, to execution, to sales and exploitation.

Entertainment lawyers at BLAKE & WANG advise and guide clients in important legal decisions while protecting client interests from a business standpoint. As entertainment lawyer representatives for the film distribution company MAGNEPIX, our lawyers are helping to build the future of American entertainment.


Entertainment Resources

B&W is dedicated to expanding access to entertainment law resources in the entertainment industry.

B&W entertainment lawyer areas of expertise include: Entertainment Law, Contracts Law, Corporate and Securities Law in all 50 states, Trademark and Tax Law. The B&W practice concentration enables each entertainment lawyer to offer complete services to entertainment clients.

Subscribe to a no-cost issue of the award-winning entertainment law magazine Film & Television Law Quarterly or choose from a selection of articles by our influential entertainment lawyers. Find out the specifics about our entertainment business services in all 50 states, including the corporation, LLC, securities offering, and business plan. Finally, review our fee schedule for billing options and a consultation with an entertainment lawyer. 



Entertainment Law Articles

Each entertainment lawyer at B&W has become highly regarded in the entertainment industry by writing on entertainment law issues for respected magazines and legal journals around the world.  The following is a small sample of entertainment law articles published by our distinguished lawyers.

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Case Study: Recorded Picture Co.
By Li Y. Wang, Entertainment Lawyer - Recorded Picture Company vs. Nelson Entertainment, Inc. has become a pivotal case for entertainment lawyers in understanding the rights of producers when negotiating with entertainment distributors and subdistributors.


Fair Use and Its Limitations
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - An explanation of the Fair Use Doctrine and its availability to film and television producers in the entertainment industry.


Film Distribution Basics
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - An overview of the entertainment concepts and terms of domestic/ foreign distribution deals from the entertainment lawyer perspective.


Foreign Anti-trust Laws
By Li Y. Wang, Entertainment Lawyer - While Hollywood studios have begun relying on distribution alliances overseas, they also begin to face entertainment related anti-trust laws outside the US.


International Film Distribution
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - How to strike a distribution deal in the global entertainment market.


International IP
By Li Y. Wang, Entertainment Lawyer - A entertainment lawyer speaks out on how the failure of foreign governments to protect US entertainment copyrights and intellectual property costs studios and independents billions.


Hurdles to Jump
By Li Y. Wang, Entertainment Lawyer - Analysis of foreign trade barriers to US film and entertainment exports.


Music Rights
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - An informative discussion of music rights and clearances in film and television by a leading entertainment lawyer.


Screenplay Basics
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - Options and acquisitions of entertainment source material.


The Law of Copyright
By Brandon A. Blake, Entertainment Lawyer - An invaluable introduction to important film and television copyright issues by a premiere entertainment lawyer.


Entertainment Lawyer Q&A

Entertainment Lawyer Q&A

Each week an entertainment lawyer will post responses to entertainment questions on film and television contracts, distribution, financing; LLC and securities; music; or production services. Click here to go to the current entertainment lawyer question and answer forum.

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