Corporate & Business Practice

Each lawyer at BLAKE & WANG P.A. advises clients on corporate matters both general and complex including formation in all 50 states, reporting and record keeping, tax planning, and securities. Specific Business Services information regarding filing and preparing corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, private placement memorandums and business plans is available.


Incorporation, LLC, LP

Each lawyer at BLAKE & WANG addresses all aspects of business law for our corporate clients. We form every type of business entity, including the corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), non-profit organization and private foundation in all 50 states and can serve as registered agent for our clients throughout the country.

BLAKE & WANG lawyers also assist clients with corporate reporting and record keeping requirements. Our lawyers counsel clients on corporate governance issues, board of directors' fiduciary and legal responsibilities, and an array of sophisticated corporate management issues.

Securities and Taxation

BLAKE & WANG provides extensive tax and securities assistance to clients in all 50 states, covering a broad range of corporate and organizational issues.

The entertainment lawyer professionals at BLAKE & WANG are knowledgeable in the intricacies of securities compliance.  Whether navigating the numerous federal and state securities regulations of a limited offering, or screening potential investors and maintaining investor relations, BLAKE & WANG creates opportunities for securities clients. A sound investment strategy is founded on a sound tax strategy, so our lawyers work with clients to develop a tax plan to meet client needs and ignite investor interest.

BLAKE & WANG makes business work for clients. Find out the specifics of our Business Services, including corporations, LLCs, securities, private placement memorandums, and business plans, then contact us to speak with a lawyer.


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